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Below is the list of Forms used from the different programs on campus.  If you are wanting to fill it out and submit it you must download it to your computer first then fill it out.

 ** If you are intending to submit the forms

electronically...PLEASE DOWNLOAD IT


Feel free to click the video to see how to submit a form electronically on a Laptop or desktop computer.  How to do it on a Chrome book is coming soon.  The instructions for a Chromebook however are below the video.

 How to submit the form electronically on a Chromebook (video coming soon)

  1. Online Learning Forms
  2. Go to the VAS website 
  3. Go to the Forms tab
  4. Select the form you are wanting to fill out
  5. Fill out the form in the internet browser
  6. When done, hit the Print button
  7. Ensure that it is in the "Save to PDF" format rather than print
  8. Once you save it, the Chromebook will place it in your Files
  9. Open up your email program
  10. Send an email to
  11. Attache the form by adding an attachment
  12. Select the form from you my files location
  13. Send the email



These forms are as needed and not mandatory 

 High School Diploma Forms